Cathedra is a rectangular diffuser primarily used in locations such as theatres, auditoriums and cinemas.

Cathedra is a supply air diffuser mounted vertically and generally installed in walls, recesses or other interior elements. The device is available in two sizes, with a robust design made of galvanised steel, and supplied with a customised aluminium grille.

The patented aluminium grille, which is an extremely important part of the design, directs the supply air into a thin, film-like layer across the wall, instead of blowing it straight out into the room. When the supply air reaches the ground, it flows across the floor and works with the natural upward movement of the heat sources in the room. This creates a comfortable indoor climate with high air exchange capacity.

Cathedra is mainly used for cooling, but can obviously also be used for heating. Thanks to Cathedra’s smart grille design, it is easy to access the diffuser, e.g. for inspection or cleaning.