InventiAir offers regulation equipment for individual climate control. InventiAir can supply complete regulation systems or individual components. Our control equipment features an optimised interface for easy regulation and user friendliness. InventiAir’s control & regulate solutions improve the quality of the air and comfort, whilst helping you save significant amounts of energy.

Valves and connection package

We have a number of custom valves, hoses and actuators to supplement our climate products, and we will be happy to help you find the right equipment to suit your needs.

Terminal board

Terminal board for quick and easy connection of all control functions within a regulatory system. Connects a control unit to periphery regulation components in a control zone and transmits the electricity supply and control signals. Use of a terminal board also facilitates future changes to room partitioning and control zones.

Connect Mini – Terminal Board for basic cooling and heat functionality.
Connect Midi – Terminal Board with RJ45 cabling and external sensors for a moisture sensor, VAV and forced air damper.
Connect Maxi – Terminal Board for power supply and communication with several types of external sensors, e.g. presence, CO2, moisture, VAV and forced air damper.

MinMax two-position damper

Patented damper for minimum flow/maximum flow that does not require a silencer. Can be supplied with or without a motor. Supplied as standard with a 24 V motor. MinMax

Room regulator

We have three different regulation units depending on how much peripheral equipment needs to be regulated and whether there are any requirements regarding communication with master systems via Modbus or BACnet. Contact InventiAir for more information about finding the right equipment for your needs.

Diwa B – regulation unit for sequence control of heating and cooling, together or individually, without communication with the master system. Integrated function for connection of a condensation sensor.

Diwa C – programmable regulation unit with communication via Modbus or BACnet, but can also be used as a stand-alone regulation unit. Integrated function for connection of a condensation sensor.

Diwa CD – programmable regulation unit with LCD display. Communication via Modbus or BACnet, but can also be used as a stand-alone regulation unit. Most functions can be programmed directly into the regulation unit without using the master control system. In addition to the functionalities of Diwa C, can also be combined with an analogue CO2 sensor of 0–10 V. Integrated function for connection of a condensation sensor.

10 incl. compression fitting DN12

Aerator (manual)
NC including push-fit DN12

Shut-off valve
TA400 incl. compression DN12

Connecting hose
Oxy L=400 pipe DN12 / push-fit DN12 (diffusion-proof)

Oxy L=400 pipe DN12 / pipe DN12 (diffusion-proof)

Actuator 24 V NC
Pulse modulating digital on/off control

Actuator 24 V 0–10 V NC
Modulating analogue control

Sizes in the range 20–150 VA 24 V, plug or permanent connection

Connect Mini
Terminal Board

Two-position damper

Diwa B
Regulation unit

CO2 sensor
Without communication

With Modbus communication