What makes CoolPack unique?

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    Extremely high capacity

    CoolPack is by far the most powerful cooling baffle on the market. Despite its modest length of 180 cm, CoolPack can handle air volumes up to 75 l / s with a total power of up to 3.2 kW.

    CoolPack is adapted for environments with high ceiling heights or rooms with large volumes, where the cold must descend into the room. CoolPack also fits spaces that lack wall partitions (to utilize InventiAir’s standard technology).

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    Works as both supply air baffle and self-convection baffle

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    Also adapted for self-regulating cooling

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    Adapted for high ceilings

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    Low installation density

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    Good function even at low pressures and air flows

A selection of reference projects

How high can CoolPack be mounted to maintain its function?

Under normal conditions CoolPack can be mounted at a height of 8-10 m without any problems.

Most common question: What is the difference between traditional chilled beams and Coolpack?

CoolPack is designed to take full advantage of the induction created around the supply air jets and this gives it a very high power compared to traditional baffles. CoolPack generates a relatively high cooling effect even when the ventilation is switched off, which means that you can utilize night cooling / night accumulation, without the need of ventilation during night time.

How does CoolPack work?

The CoolPack supply air baffle is used to create an air flow that effectively rises from the ceiling and all the way down to the floor. From the floor, the air then interacts with the natural upward movement from the heat sources in the room, thereby creating a pleasant indoor climate.

CoolPack can be equipped with one or two heat exchangers and can thus supply both heating and cooling. CoolPack therefore fits well in rooms with large internal loads such as waste heat from machines. CoolPack also provides an extremely high internal convection effect, even when the ventilation unit is switched off, which means that CoolPack can accumulate cooling in the building frame during the night, thus lowering the cost of added cooling, with maintained quality of the indoor climate. The high self-convection effect means that you can save cooling effect in the morning and thus get a more even cooling load (ie you do not need to add more cooling to cope with the peaks).

Read moreWe simulated the airflows from CoolPack to detect the difference

Stratification of the air temperature in the room means a greater difference between supply air temperature and exhaust air temperature, which means that a higher heating effect can be carried away with the same amount of air as for a mixing ventilation system. The result is simply a better thermal indoor climate. The InventiAir technology results in a high air efficiency of 20-30%. Lower levels of carbon dioxide, particles and airborne pollutants in the living area with stratified ventilation, which creates a vertical air transport from the people in the room to the exhaust air.

Placement of CoolPack

CoolPack is adapted for environments with high ceilings as well as premises with large internal loads and high power requirements. CoolPack ensures that the resources (ventilation and cooling), which are supplied in the higher parts of the room, reaches the living area effectively.

CoolPack can be mounted freely (hanging from ceiling), integrated into a ceiling or mounted horizontally against a wall (then with only one battery).
The appliance is well suited for shops, industrial premises, exhibition halls, theaters, swimming pools, warehouses, foyers, glass facades, museums etc.

Dimensions & connections

Capacity- & adjustment diagram (k-factor per nozzle is 0.108)