Impact is an effective supply air diffuser for large areas with high ceilings and few walls.

The diffuser supplies the air in a concentrated air column created by the coordinated jets from the nozzles. The supply air is distributed evenly over the floor, even at low pressure or a drop in pressure.

Impact is a supply air unit designed mounted in the ceiling and can be used for heating and cooling. The unit can either be recessed in the ceiling or suspended from the ceiling. Impact is primarily intended for use in facilities and rooms that have high ceilings and a limited number of walls that can be used for airflow. Such areas include shops, exhibition halls and large conference halls.

Impact is used to create an effective air flow from the ceiling directly down towards the floor. From the floor, the air interacts with the natural upward movement from the heat sources in the room, creating a comfortable indoor climate.

Impact’s clever design makes it easy to access the unit through an adjacent ceiling tile, for inspection, cleaning and adjustment, for example.

Impact was developed together with the property company Profi and the aim was primarily to use the diffuser in shops with large areas, few walls, and high ceilings. Since then, Impact has proven to work excellently in other types of premises with larger areas and is used today in a range of spaces, including various office environments, exhibition halls and conference rooms.