Maximus is a ducted floor unit that can be supplied with a heating coil as an option. The product is intended for installation in office environments and can replace conventional floor diffusers, convectors and room units.

The integrated coil allows for individual control of heating and cooling. The air is fed, draught-free, into the room, through the patented grille. The shape of the aluminium profiles directs the air 90 degrees to flow along the floor. This air flow optimises the air distribution into the room and to the people in the room. The unit also boasts lower energy consumption than traditional grilles, which direct the air and energy straight up toward the ceiling.

Maximus’s patented and unique design, with InventiAir technology, provides the room with ventilation via a highly compact integrated installation without induction of room air. Maximus is designed to use a high impulse that creates a thin stream of air along the floor, taking authority over the heat sources in the room. In conjunction with the thermal driving forces from the heat sources, the fresh air is efficiently supplied to the people in the room and the used air is gathered the upper part of the room outside the occupied area, from where it can be removed via the extract air.

Stratification of the air temperature in the room leads to a greater difference between the supply air temperature and the extract air temperature, which makes it possible to move a greater heat output than with the same amount of air in a mixing ventilation system. Quite simply, the result is a better thermal indoor climate.

• PCB InventiAir Connect
• MinMax damper
• HHT (electric heater)
• Diwa Room Controller