MinMax is an energy-saving, almost silent damper, with two preset modes for the minimum and maximum flow of supply air.

All InventiAir products can be supplemented with MinMax and the damper can also be retrofitted and used in conjunction with conventional diffusors and supply air beams. MinMax makes reducing energy costs for ventilation possible with relatively simple means, and in a fairly short timeframe. This is achieved by setting a minimum flow for the supply air when the need for supply air, cooling or heating is not as great or when the room is simply not being used.

Thanks to its low noise level, MinMax does not need to be supplemented with a silencer! The shape of the nozzles on the damper blade also prevents the otherwise common problem of accumulations of dirt and particles.

The affinity laws in the table below show the potential energy savings when the MinMax damper is used in systems with variable speed fans.

Flow reductionPressure reductionEnergy saving (W)
5 %10 %14 %
10 %19 %27 %
15 %28 %39 %
20 %36 %49 %
25 %44 %58 %
30 %51 %66 %
35 %58 %73 %
40 %64 %78 %

MinMax was developed by chance during a test, when a damper blade with nozzles instead of a hole proved to provide unexpectedly quiet performance. The damper is patented.

• Motor 24 V Sauter
• Plug 11 mm