Profimax is a quiet and effective floor diffuser for buildings with an embedded duct system in the floor.

Profimax is an efficient and quiet floor diffuser installed at floor level and then placed over the existing embedded duct system (openings). The device makes it possible to create an efficient and smart ventilation solution without having to rebuild the embedded ventilation system from scratch.

Profimax streams air into the room across the floor, meaning that it does not mix with the convective heat from the radiators. Instead, the supply air from Profimax works with the natural upward movement from the heat sources in the room, thereby creating a comfortable indoor climate.

Profimax is primarily used to supply cooling but can also supply heat. The design has rounded corners and is particularly suitable for facilities such as nursery schools or crèches. Profimax can also be mounted in the cladding or installed in furniture, in order to suit different types of facilities and interiors.

The Profimax floor diffuser was developed in cooperation with the property company Profi. The challenge was to find a solution that would not require an entire ventilation system with embedded ducts to be rebuilt from scratch. Petter Lundgren at InventiAir worked together with the client to develop the product. Profimax has since become a standard product in our range – resulting in repeat and satisfied customers.