It’s all about how the air flows!

Clean air has become an increasingly important raw material throughout the world. This is why ventilation has become such a topical subject. In addition, cooling and heating of properties represents approximately 25% of the Earth’s energy consumption. Yes, that’s right: a quarter of the Earth’s energy consumption. And we have a way of making it more efficient – simply by controlling the way in which air flows.

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So how efficient is it to distribute ventilation air throughout the entire room when only a small part of the room is used? Not very efficient at all. This is why we developed our own technology that concentrates air currents in a room on those areas in which people are present. This is, after all, where people benefit from the ventilation! Our technology and our solutions are about creating the best conditions for people to be able to enjoy the best possible ventilation.

The technology also ensures heat and used/old air are removed from people in the best possible way. The airflow that naturally tries to move straight up and away from us must be mixed as little as possible with the clean air that is on its way to us.

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So what do we do to optimise the airflow in the room to ensure people are ventilated in a way that is energy-efficient? We do exactly what just about any technological development in the world does – we use computers. We simulate the airflows in complex computational fluid dynamics (CFD) programs and compare the results with the real world of our projects and the laboratory. InventiAir is privileged to be able to work in partnership with the world’s foremost researchers in the field of airflow, something we are incredibly proud of.

We know we are a highly niche company and, indeed, almost nerdy! And we think we will carry on being so, for as long as we help people get better air and save energy at the same time.