How it works

Body temperature affects the air!

People are warm, and we control our body temperature by emitting different amounts of heat. This happens 24 hours a day and is completely automatic, requiring no additional ventilation. The fact that we give off heat like this creates a natural airflow (natural convection) of 10–15 litres of air a second that tries to rise to the ceiling like a balloon.

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When we stand up, the airflow starts around our feet and follows the body upwards. Just like a chimney. The airflow changes in size and speed depending on how warm we are. This means that the airflow has a greater volume and speed when we have been training and are sweating, for instance, compared to times when we feel chilly.

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Our technology and solutions create a characteristic airflow, centred on the person. The air is distributed with a high torque/momentum e and low speed into the room where it spreads as a thin film along walls and floor. The air naturally searches out people, as they emit heat.

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InventiAir’s airflow method is a hybrid, developed completely in-house, made up of several different airflow technologies, such as “confluent jets ventilation” and “impinging jets ventilation”. Our unique technology is used in all InventiAir’s products.

“When we developed Confluent Jets Ventilation, we used the best aspects of mixing and displacement ventilation” (Prof Hazim Awbi)