Scientifically grounded

InventiAir cooperates closely with researchers and universities throughout the world. Our technology is the result of research, and we continue to invest heavily in refining our technology with a view to improving indoor climate and saving energy.

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From the beginning, we have invested in product development in our own laboratories in Stockholm as well as via close cooperation with the climate laboratory of the University of Gävle.

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Our scientific background provides us with unique opportunities to refine and test various solutions. By combining our experience of practical installations with scientific tests in a laboratory environment, we can take a smart approach to optimising installation and ventilation in different environments.

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Gävle Högskola

The illustration below is from a test in the climate laboratory of the University of Gävle.

If you are interested and want to find out more, have questions, suggestions or are just generally curious as to how InventiAir works, you are welcome to contact InventiAir’s Managing Director Martin Sello