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Why InventiAir?

InventiAir’s unique technology and solutions has many benefits, such as better indoor climate, lower energy consumption and reduced costs.

Energy Savings: When it is cold outside, the heat is concentrated in the occupied zones where people are present. This reduce the energy waste because the ventilation is used more effectively. When it is warm outside, the ventilation helps removing heat from people and the room. The heat is stored as energy in the central fan. Our technology optimize the ventilation where it is most needed, around the people in the room!

Better indoor climate: By removing the used air, without mixing it with the air in the occupied zone, we can create a healthier and more effective indoor climate than conventional ventilation principles. Our technology simply creates a better indoor climate with a fresher and cleaner air to breathe in, regardless if your are at work or at home.


“We use InventiAir to increase the capacity of cooling and heating in existing buildings, without increasing our energy costs”


Lower costs: We have solutions and products for all types of installation. They can be used to supplement existing ventilation or to create entirely new systems. Common to all our projects is that they can streamline capacity and deliver lower costs for the property owner. Study shows that the technology more efficiently removes used air (with different types of contaminations) compared to traditional mixing ventilation. In the long run, this has positive effects for the tenant by decreasing the absence from work permitted because of illness.

Read moreStratifying ventilation gives energy savings of over 80% in scientific tests

Tests show that optimised airflow, supplied at a lower height than on a conventional mixing system, which is supplied at ceiling height, can result in energy savings of over 80 %, according to CFD simulations at the University of Reading (UK) and the University of Gävle (Sweden).

It is in theory easy to save energy in ventilation systems. Reduce the amount of supplied energy, and you will reduce consumption. With InventiAir’s technology you can achieve this without compromising on comfort or quality. All we do is put the person at the center. And this happens naturally with our technology!