Mathematical equations bring new possibilities

The ability to develop products that optimise the airflows in a room requires extensive knowledge and expertise. At InventiAir, one of the tools we use is CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) in order to better understand the way in which air moves.

InventiAir – The scientific method for achieving a better indoor climate.

CFD is a powerful tool that helps us analyse and understand various scenarios for the ways in which air can flow. By using CFD calculations together with practical tests in a laboratory environment, we can quickly test different scenarios to obtain extremely accurate outcomes.

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Because we are particularly interested in the way in which air flows around people, using CFD we can break down and analyse the exact areas we want to know more about. This will be in the form of a diagram with tens of thousands of small cubes in different colours that show how the air moves – just like in our videos here on the website. In this way, we can obtain information about the air’s speed, temperature, distribution, mean age, comfort parameters and other characteristics.

The illustration shows flow lines in a CFD simulation. Note how the temperature changes as the air becomes diffused. The simulation is based on a 1/4-sized room. The illustration on the left shows a conventional climate device with mixing technology and the illustration on the right shows CoolPack with InventiAir’s technology.

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