Better indoor climate

Fresh air is better for your health!

Nowadays most people spend the greater part of the day indoors. As much as 90% of our time is spent indoors, which makes ventilation enormously important. By simulating nature’s own ventilation method, InventiAir’s solutions are able to enhance indoor climate in a smart and energy-efficient way.

In one hour of sedentary work, one person inhales and exhales around 500 litres of air. The air we breathe out carries various particles, as well as carbon dioxide and moisture. Some of the particles are completely harmless waste products, whereas other are viruses and bacteria that can make us and others ill. InventiAir’s unique and effective ventilation systems carry used air away by means of the body’s own thermals.

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The difference between our technology and conventional ventilation technology is that InventiAir’s technology splits the air in the room into layers. The warm convection air that has been used, rises naturally towards the ceiling and fresh air takes its place from below. This means that the air we breathe is cleaner and more concentrated than it would be with conventional ventilation that mixes the air together in mechanical fashion.

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Poor ventilation leaves us tired, ill and unable to concentrate. This has been demonstrated by many scientific studies. And anyone who has gone from a poor indoor climate to a good one will agree. Fresh air is quite simply good for us.

The mean age of the air relates to how fresh and new the air is in different parts of the room. The newer the air is, the fresher the air is that we breathe in. Conventional mixing airflow results in the air having exactly the same age in the entire room, as it is always being mixed; but with our technology, it is at its newest around the people in the room. InventiAir’s technology therefore ensures that the freshest air in the room is the air we breathe.