Hand in Hand

We are an entrepreneurial company. This is why we want to support other entrepreneurs. InventiAir supports Hand in Hand’s work in Kenya, directed at reducing poverty by creating new work opportunities for women.


Hand in Hand’s work in India and Africa shows that when support and education are provided, women who live in poverty can develop into successful entrepreneurs in small family companies.

“Hand in Hand as an organisation and their focus on entrepreneurship and helping women are completely in line with our thinking and ideas regarding CSR.” – Martin Sellö

The project is directed at combating poverty by creating conditions for entrepreneurship in Kenya. Initially through education and later via microloans, the overall aim is to create long-term growth.


Hand in Hand’s work has achieved some impressive results. After 10 years’ work in India, Africa and Afghanistan, 1.3 million women have created more than 1.7 million job opportunities. This means that hundreds of thousands of children have left work and returned to school.

InventiAir has so far helped by supporting:
– 418 new entrepreneurs
– Who have set up 313 new companies
– And created 684 new jobs

If we include the net effect on society, this means that our CSR work has so far given more than 2,000 people a new life of hope and future opportunities!



For us at InventiAir, it is important to take social responsibility and support our young people. That is why we have chosen to support the organization Nattvandrarna’s work in being an adult role model, compassionate support and social security among the young people who move out in the evenings and nights. 

Nattvandrarna was founded in 1989 and is the oldest organization in the country with the aim of night walking, creating security in society and acting as an adult role model for young people.