About InventiAir

About the company!

InventiAir is a company that manufactures and delivers products and services for ventilation systems. The company was founded in 2011 by Martin Sellö and has its roots in Swedish research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

InventiAir has developed rapidly, in line with growing awareness of the benefits of efficient air distribution, a good indoor climate and energy savings.

We are driven by a wish to deliver solutions and products which are innovative and imaginative, based on experience and practical problem solving. Every project is unique to us, and no project to small. We have deliberately chosen to focus on solutions that can be installed in the end of the ventilation system, close to the users: the humans. All our products are developed in cooperation with our customers, on their projects.

Our vision is to be at the cutting-edge of product development enabling the ventilation, cooling, and heating of any type of premises for the people residing in them. We want to continue to develop products that lift the quality of the air and the indoor climate where humans stay. Our technology platform is built on facts and knowledge that we passionately expand upon on a daily basis.

The digitalization of properties and premises gives us – today and in the future – totally new possibilities to develop new products and tools for both users and property owners.

Our incentive is to find the right product for the right premises, without wavering on quality. The pillars are our interest in green technology and innovation. It´s important to us to increase the effectiveness of the air intake into the premises, to give the users as clean and unused air as possible. If the ventilation efficiency is increased in the room, energy consumption of the ventilation system will also be improved.

The company`s primarily market is Sweden, with offices in Stockholm and Malmö. InventiAir has its headquarters in Bromma, Ranhammarsvägen 20. Here we have our own lab, where we simulate and measure airflows. Our closely-knit team consists of management, administration, market, sales, design, communication, and technical development.


  • 2010 – Test project is conducted in Sweden. The results show that our technology gives a better indoor climate, with potential to save energy in the ventilation system through lower air flow and/or reduced temperatures for cooling and heating.
  • 2011 – Launch of the first products on the Nordic market.
  • 2012 – Petter Lundgren is recruited to develop InventiAir`s sales organization.
  • 2013 – InventiAir aims at markets beyond the Nordic countries, especially Great Britain.
  • 2014 – InventiAir brakes through. Sales and number of customers increase heavily. The first project to Switzerland is delivered, amongst others. Our first verification study together with Vinnova at The University of Gävle (Gävle Högskola) is conducted – and confirms the advantages of our technology when it comes to energy savings and improved indoor climate.
  • 2015 – The product range is expanded with 5 new products and several patent applications.
  • 2016 – InventiAir now has more than 250 reference projects in three different countries. Out technology now ventilates more than 300 000 square metres.
  • 2017 – InventiAir experiences reduced growth. We learn lessons from this and put a great deal of our focus into product development together with our customers.
  • 2018 – InventiAir goes for scalability by expanding the organization with 4 new employees. This leads to a re-structuring, containing a new sales strategy and new products. In addition, we conduct a digital investment with focus on digital intelligence.
  • 2019 – InventiAir moves to Ranhammarsvägen 20 in Bromma, Stockholm.
  • 2020 – Products and solutions developed by InventiAir are now installed in more than 1 million square metres.
  • 2021 – IA-D (InventiAir Digital) is launched, with several new digital innovations, solutions, and services within the framework of InventiAir.