R20 – Office/Lab

R20 – The hub of our business

Since 1 October 2019, InventiAir has had a new head office with a lab, showroom and warehouse/logistics in Bromma, Stockholm. 

Right next door to Bromma Airport in the Ulvsunda industrial area, we have in the autumn of 2019 adapted and completed our new premises. Our new lab, which is now twice as large than the old one, has become the core of the company’s value creation – where new ideas will become reality.

We call it internally “R20” (abbreviation of the address: Ranhammarsvägen 20)!

We have created a unique environment to meet our customers. All of our products are of course installed and we can easily make project adjustments in our various test environments. Technology and creativity are the keywords at R20.

Office and showroom

Our showroom is our workplace. We have installed our own air and water products and turned our workplace into a showroom. Feel free to stop by to get inspiration or ideas for how your next project can be adapted.

Center for development and knowledge 

Our new lab gives us the opportunity to test, measure and visualize our products and our technology as well as other products and ideas. If you have a vision or idea, we can quickly construct a prototype that can be tested and visualized in the lab. With our measuring stations, we can quickly demonstrate the efficiency of the ventilation. The lab thus becomes the core of our business as our product development always takes place here.


With our move to R20, we have expanded our logistics and improved our ability to provide our customers with service in a simpler way.