R20 – Office/Lab

R20 – The hub of our business

InventiAir’s headquarters, with lab, showroom, warehouse and logistics, is situated in Bromma, Stockholm, on Ranhammarsvägen 20.

Right next-door to Bromma Airport in the Ulvsunda Industrial Area, you´ll find our modern, business-adapted premises. Over the past two years, our lab has grown to twice its former size, and it´s the core of our value creation – where new ideas become reality. Internally, we call our headquarters R20 (Ranhammarsvägen 20).

We have created a unique environment for meeting our customers. All our products are installed at R20, and there we can easily make project adaptations in our test environments. Technology and creativity are keywords at R20.

Office and showroom

Our showroom is literally our daily workplace. By installing our own air treatment-products, we have turned our workplace into a showroom.

The centre of development and dissemination of knowledge

Our lab gives us the opportunity to test, measure and visualize our products and our technology, as well as new ideas. By using measure points from the lab, together with data simulations, we can show the ventilation´s effectiveness in black and white. Do you have a vision or an idea? We can quickly construct a prototype, try it out and verify it in our lab. The lab thus becomes the core of our business. 

Warehouse & Logistics

As a result of moving to R20 two years ago, we were able to refine the logistics and at the same time expand our warehouse capacity. That means our customers get service in a simple and cost-efficient way.

You are more than welcome to drop in for inspiration and new ideas for your next project!