InventiAir Matrix

InventiAir Matrix

InventiAis product line has experienced rapidly growing popularity since market introduction. Increasing requirements for conditioned air for comfort, health, productivity, learning, fitness, and special needs as well as for industrial process; entails – apart from effective air diffusion – the ability to monitor critical parameters in both the target spaces as well as the performance of the delivery system.

Sensors placed at the most appropriate locations in the room – along with sensors monitoring air-flows, diffuser movements, pressures, heating and cooling – provide real-time vital information about buildings and systems. A dynamic network brings this information to decentralised decision – often backed by artificial intelligence (AI) – returning control information to actors via the same bi-directional network.

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Hence, IA-D is not only about real-time information from sensors and from analytics, but equally about making real-time use of the information for improving the performance of the actors. IA-D is bi-directional, not mono- directional like many IoT systems.

Figure 2 – The IA-D network offers robust, low-latency bi-directionality and is designed for decentralised AI-backed automation.

The long term system performance is also intertwined with effective uptime of all the components of the system. IA-D brings condition-based and predictive maintenance to the units, maximising uptime. Maintenance reports and alerts are automatically monitored. This empowers the planning maintenance visits along with the needed tool & spare part packs, therefore optimising every task and minimising customer disturbance.


Figure 3 – IAD encompasses features for condition-based predictive maintenance