Multiprotocol support

Multiprotocol support

IA-D offers multiprotocol support over open robust, low-latency, networks, which can be wired or wireless depending on needs. This offers great freedom of placement, configuration and ability to integrate at different levels with key partners.

Figure 5 – IAD supports multiple popular protocols over wired and wireless transports

IA-D is Internet of Things centric, bringing the ability to use standard Internet communication to ultralow power devices for control and sensor applications. It offers bidirectional low latency, high security, and support for the most important data protocols widely used in building automation. IA-D encompasses both wired and wireless communication, and supports legacy protocols such as Modbus to IoT protocols such as CoAP and MQTT, and over transports such as 6LoWPAN over IEEE 802.15.4 and Bluetooth 5.


Partner involvement

InventiAir encourages selected partners in various specialisations to contribute to the IAD products & services. Several of the IAD products today originate from well-known and well-reputed producers in the market, for instance in the areas of controllers, wireless modules and cloud services.