Here you will find answers to the most frequent questions asked about InventiAir.

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  • Cumulus and Coolpack are products that are located high up in the room and have a water circuit with induction. Does this not create mixing?

    Only 2–3% of the total air volume is induced (“pulled along”) in the product, which leaves enough space for the extracted air to remove heat and pollutants.


  • Is there a maximum/minimum ceiling height at which the technology stops performing effectively?

    No, not really. We tend to say: “As long as you aren’t hitting your head on the ceiling, you have an advantage over a mixing system!”

  • How far into the room can the technology supply the air?

    It depends entirely on conditions such as air volume, air pressure, temperature, choice of product, etc. Generally, a product with isothermal air (with low air pressure and flow) reaches approximately 2–3 times the ceiling height into the room. With sub-temperate air and heat sources in the room, this figure will be higher.

    Energy savings – need for cooling

  • So you save energy by removing more heat from the room?

    Yes, that is correct. In particular, from the person in the room, if the volume of air and temperature supplied to the room remain the same. If you want to reduce the temperature of an object/person/room you must allow heat to be given off.

    Better indoor climate and cleaner air

  • Are there no regulations governing airflows in workplaces?

    In Sweden, the Work Environment Authority has issued regulations entitled “Workplace design: Provisions of the Swedish Work Environment Authority on workplace design and general recommendations on the implementation of the provisions (AFS 2009:2)”
These advise that 7 l/s of airflow should be supplied per workplace, with 0.35 l/s of airflow per square metre in an office environment.