Energy Savings

It’s easier than you think to save energy!

Our idea is simple. Used air should be mixed as little as possible with clean, temperature-adjusted air.  Conventional (mixing) ventilation mixes the used air with the clean and temperature-adjusted air. Not only does that create an inferior indoor climate for us human beings using the building, but it also isn´t very smart when it comes to energy effectiveness and economy.

InventiAir`s products and solutions can also be applied on top of existing systems and solutions. That means, even if the property is already quite energy optimized, you can always save more energy with InventiAir.

It´s common to save energy by using an energy effective central fan, optimal channel systems and a correctly tuned building control system. InventiAir provides the opportunity to save energy even in the “last mile”, so to say, of the system – in the room where humans reside.


“The unique airflow from InventiAir’s products creates a layering – or stratification – of the air temperature, so that a larger amount of used air can be transported away from the room.”
– Martin Sellö –

How much energy can InventiAir`s solution save?  

Our technology saves between 25 and 30 per cent energy. Recalculated in terms of reduction of energy use for the system fan, the number is 50 – 65 per cent. These results are calculated in comparison with conventional mixing ventilation, where the measured values for indoor climate and room-comfort are set the same for the two different systems.

How is it possible?

  • The temperature in the room is stratified, with a lower temperature around the people in the residing area and a higher temperature at the ceiling.
  • The supply air follows the natural air flow from us human users and takes a “free ride” on existing air flows.
  • An air flow that wanders along walls and the floor is more concentrated and continuous than conventional ventilation methods.
  • The air circulation efficiency (the rate of efficiency) in the room can reach up to 80 per cent, compared with traditional mixing ventilation, which normally has rates round 30 – 40 per cent.
  • The risk of ‘short circuit” between the supply- and exhaust air vanishes, compared with mixing ventilation (where supply- and exhaust diffusers are installed closely to each other).


We can increase the efficiency in your existing system without the need to increase capacity!  

InventiAir has helped several property owners to “increase capacity” in their properties’ existing ventilation systems. How is that possible? The explanation is that InventiAir needs 25 – 30 per cent less air, compared with conventional ventilation. In practice this means that we can increase the capacity in the system by 30 – 40 per cent. That means lower energy costs, low investment costs and more satisfied tenants in the properties.

If you are interested in hearing more about the ways we have saved energy and costs for our end users and property owners, you are more than welcome to contact us at InventiAir for an obligation-free discussion.