Vision/The Future

Everything can be (even) better!

We have said it before and we say it again: we are an innovative company, driven by a passion for clean, fresh air and energy savings. That passion drives us to go further. We want to be even better at what we do, and to give our customers even more value. 

We get there by investing in research and development, constantly keeping customer value in mind, and thinking outside the box.

We are determined to create the best possible indoor climate so people that work indoors can be healthier, and property owners can have lower operation costs.  Our platform is solid, with many good products utilizing our unique air flow technology. But InventiAir sees the future as an opportunity. Our new digitalization technology creates exciting new possibilities to measure, optimize, monitor and control our existing product range. We are actively working to further develop InventiAir Digital IA-D, and new products and offerings are added continuously.

InventiAir doesn´t want to be a top-down company, nor do we want to be locked-up in solutions. On the contrary – our ambition is to challenge a rather conventional ventilation industry with new thinking and ongoing innovation. Teamwork and short decision-making paths in our company are a key reason for our success and the satisfaction of our customers.

We shall continue to ventilate humans, not buildings. It´s that vision we have built our entire business around. As a next step, we connect the human with the room, with help of the potential of digitalization.

InventAir’s goal is to double our turnover within three years. Our vision for the future is to find new markets that share our view of the importance of clean air and energy savings.

We will continue to attract core competence, build industry cooperation and to enhance our role as a “green thinking” development- and sales company with human beings in focus.

Via increased efficiency and profits for the property owner, more satisfied tenants, and an optimal ventilation system and indoor climate, we will be able to keep living our vision.