Indoor Air

Fresh air gives better health!

Today most of us spend most of the time indoors – in fact, as much as 90 percent of our time is spent indoors. This makes ventilation extremely important. InventiAir`s solutions can improve the indoor climate in a smart and energy effective way by imitating nature`s own way of ventilating.

In one hour, a person inhales and exhales around 500 litres of air when working in a sedentary position. The air we humans exhale contains particles, carbon dioxide and humidity. Some of the particles are harmless residue, while others are viruses and bacteria that can make us and others ill. InventiAir’s unique and effective ventilation system transports the used air away with help of the body`s own thermal energy.

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The difference between our technology and conventional ventilation methods is that InventiAir`s technology stratifies the air in the room. The used, warm air rises naturally to the ceiling due to convection, and fresh air replaces it from beneath.

This means the air we breathe gets cleaner and more concentrated than with conventional ventilation, which mixes the air in a mechanical way.

A large number of scientific studies confirm that poor ventilation makes us tired, ill and unfocused. And everyone who has moved on from a poor indoor climate to a good one knows this is the truth. Fresh air is simply good for us.

The average age of the air in different parts of the room indicates the extent of clean and fresh air. The newer (or younger) the air is, the fresher it is to breathe. With conventional mixed airflow, the age of the air is the same in the entire room. This is because it gets mixed all the time.

Our technology concentrates the freshest (youngest) air in the vicinity of the people in the room. In other words, InventiAir`s technology assures that the freshest air in the room is the air that we breathe. Good to know, isn´t it?