20 October, 2020

Whose air do you breathe at your workplace?

Many studies show that good ventilation is important for a person´s productivity and health. Now we have a technology developed in Sweden, based on scientific research, that could help in coping with Covid-19.

-Optimal ventilation consists of leading clean, fresh air to the persons in a room, followed by removing as much as possible of the used air, says Martin Sellö from the Swedish Greentech Company, InventiAir. The company, with its roots in Swedish research, has quickly grown the last few years and their technology is installed at more than 800 reference projects.

Us humans exhale contaminated air which affects other people in the vicinity through air-currents. Together with the University of Gävle in Sweden, InventiAir has scientifically measured how exhaled air travels and affects surrounding indoor workplaces.

-What we see is that the amount of exhaled air that affects people at surrounding workspaces in the room is as low as one third, with InventiAir´s technique, compared to conventional ventilation systems, he says.

The question is: Can InventiAir´s technology help in the struggle against the spreading of Covid-19?

-It´s possible, since it´s more effective to remove the really small particles from the room, than it is to try to filter them. But, we really need to put more resources into research regarding air-distribution.



The covid-19 decease originates from a corona virus, SARS-CoV-2. Scientific studies show that the virus spreads more easily indoor, where more people are gathered in a closed area,  than outdoor. SARS-CoV-2 is mainly spread by droplet transmission, but can also spread as aerosols, which are many times smaller and lighter, and thus does not fall to the ground as quickly as droplets. Removing these airborne particles with air-flow (for example through airing) is a successful measure, declares a Japanese scientific experiment conducted at NHK.

Text: Susanne Ringheim Kilje