Why InventiAir?

InventiAir´s unique, well-proven ventilation technology and solutions offer a range of benefits. Our system provides better air circulation, cleaner air and an ideal indoor climate. At the same time, it´s possible to reduce the power consumption of your property’s ventilation system, increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

We think in green, so to say. Yes, we are a Greentech company, and that means we care about the environment and about people. Air is perhaps the most valuable raw material that Earth provides. We want to give property owners and other clients the best ventilation solution, and the users the best possible air.

Energy savings:  Our technology optimizes the ventilation to the place where the benefits are the largest – around people. When it´s hot outside and the premises need cooling, our technology is more efficient than conventional mixed ventilation, as it leads heat away from both the people in the room, as well as from the room itself. When it´s cold outside, and the premises need heating, the system concentrates warmth in the vicinity of the people inside the building, wherever they are and wherever they move. That reduces wasted energy since the ventilation is used in a more targeted and effective way.

Better air in the room: By transporting away exhaled and contaminated air, the result is cleaner and fresher air than conventional ventilation methods can provide. To put it most succinctly, our technology provides a better all-round indoor climate. Users get cleaner, fresher air to breath and the air humidity, temperature and CO2-levels can be measured, controlled, and corrected for the best result. Covid-19 has only further highlighted the crucial importance of clean, fresh air and hence some of the benefits of InventiAir´s technology.  


“We use InventiAir to increase the capacity of cooling and heating in our buildings without increasing our energy costs”
– Reference customer –


IA-D: InventiAir Digital is our investment in “PropTech” => Smart property hardware and software. IA-D makes it possible to digitally supervise, control and optimize our existing products to give further value to our customers and their projects.

Lower costs: We have solutions and products for nearly all types of installations. If renovating, our technology allows existing capacity to be used more efficiently, decreasing operation costs without the need to install costly new ventilation channels. Our products are simple and easy to install and have no moving parts. That means lower building- and installation costs and lower operation costs due to reduced energy needs.

We dare to claim that we reduce the cost even for the tenant, taking into account that studies show that our technology transports away used and contaminated air more efficiently than other ventilation methods. Research by The University of Gävle in Sweden confirms potential energy savings of up to sixty per cent in the ventilation system, without compromising the comfort of the persons residing in the room. Optimal temperatures are maintained, despite using less energy. In the long run, the cleaner air our system provides is also likely to positively affect health and sick leave.

* Health Promoting Work is one important interdisciplinary research area within the University of Gävle.

Do you wish to improve existing ventilation, refurbish your premises, or perhaps install a totally new custom-designed ventilation system? None of this is unfamiliar to us and we customize ventilation systems to clients’ needs easily.

With InventiAir´s technology, products, and know-how it´s possible to save energy in the ventilation system without compromising on comfort or quality. We put human beings at the centre. And it´s done naturally with our technology!