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Alviks Strand

In Sweden its quite unusual to to supply the ventilation from the floor. Only a few percent of the total area of office environments is currently ventilated via the floor. At the same time, it is through some of these installed projects – especially the large office complex at Alviks Strand – that InventiAir has achieved its major breakthrough, both technically and commercially.

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The Alvik Strand project started extremely small-scale. On a small test area of about 200 sqm, a dozen prototypes of a unique grid were installed in the floor. The challenge was mainly to try to solve the problem of high operating costs for the summer and winter cases. A further challenge was that some of the premises had problems with draft in the occupied zone, while others were instead found to be just too stagnant and poorly oxygenated. How could all these needs be met at the same time?

The solution became InventiAirs unique grid, which, like an air-lubricated boat hull with steps / heels, creates turbulence in the airflow as the air passes through the grid. The air stream then settles as a thin film along the floor and is directed up against the wall (and then slowly falls down). From the floor, the air then interacts with the natural upward forces, that the heat from the people in the room creates. In this way, a draft-free ventilation is created, which requires less energy and at the same time has a high air exchange efficiency.

The result of this project, marked the start of InventiAir’s technical breakthrough and became a confirmation that the technology really worked. Since the temperature, in conjunction with cooling and heating, could easily be adjusted and optimized, InventiAir’s technology made it possible to reduce energy costs quite sharply.

“By replacing a large number of fan convectors to only supply air grilles and thereby using the air more efficiently, we got less draft, lower sound level and also got a more stable temperature inside the offices. Through InventiAirs grid, we were able to effectively stratify the air and utilize the Koanda effect in a good way. With this solution, the energy consumption and maintenance services have become lower than before. ” Peter Schering – The Floor Company in Stockholm

Nowadays, the solution with the unique grid is installed in over 35,000 square meters of the property’s surface. Together with the rest of Sweden and Norway, this device ventilates surfaces of a total of about 60,000 square meters.

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The project was a great success for InventiAir even on a commercial level and today more than 2,000 units have been installed in different projects.

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Products: Maximus IG-grids
Units: +2000 pc
Property owner: Vasakronan
Installed year: 2012-2016
Type of premises: Office

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