The Facade Unit Longus

Älvporten – Gothenburg

InventiAir ventilates Gothenburg landmark.

One of Gothenburg’s best known buildings is Läppstiftet (“the Lipstick”), with its distinctive architecture and red and white colour scheme. When one of its major tenants changed premises, the property owner wanted to upgrade Läppstiftet and its technical installations.

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Läppstiftet had a 26 years old facade system installed. The facade system was choosen at the time due to the heights of the floor structures in the property, as well as the compact installation of cooling, heating, ventilation and electrics/telecommunications items along the inside of the facade wall.

Göran Andersson at Gicon describing the challenges with the projekt: ”With InventiAir, we could see the potential for a cost-efficient way of meeting the objectives of the rebuild. Our initial calculations showed that we could increase cooling capacity by 30% using the existing pipework without increasing cooling medium flow. What really clinched it however was that we could save a lot of energy by converting the old facade system to a modern facade unit, opening up completely new possibilities. Via a presence-controlled indoor climate and reduced feed pressure in the ventilation unit, the pressure in the end unit could be reduced from 250 Pa to 80 Pa. We are extremely happy with the entire process and the end result.”

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InventiAir has delivered around 500 Longus and Longus Mini Facade Units to Älvporten. They are all integrated with InventiAir’s MinMax damper for presence-controlled ventilation and also have closed-loop control equipment for connecting to a higher-level control system. The upgrade covers around 10,000 m² of the lower part of the property.

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Products: Longus, Longus Mini
Units: 500 pc
Property owner: Vasakronan
Installed year: 2016
Type of premises: Office

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