Facade unit Longus

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton moved to its new premises during winter 2015 in the well-known “Åhlénshuset”, located in the middle of the main square in central Gävle. The property owner Diös had big plans for the house where topics as energy and environmental issues are at the center. Milen Ventilation, who are experts in energy efficiency and indoor climate, is responsible for cooling, heating and ventilation in the project.

The company’s owner Niklas Ulin at Milen says: “Our mission is to create an energy efficient and customer-friendly system. This tenant customization becomes a test model for the entire house, so we have put a lot of effort into finding an optimal solution. ”

The property owner, Diös is both knowledgeable and interested in various energy-saving solutions for the properties and always values customer satisfaction at the highest.

“With InventiAir’s technology, we have found a solution that we believe is perfect for both the property owner and the tenant. We plan to almost halve the pressure in the duct system from 180 Pa to 100 Pa, which is positive for both operating economy and sound levels. InventiAir’s technology makes this possible and besides we also get an improved air exchange efficiency and thus a clearly improved indoor climate, ”continues Niklas.

Inventiair AB


Products: Longus & Tubus
Units: 48 pc
Property owner: Diös
Installed year: 2015
Type of premises: Office

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