TubusCeiling & TubusWall


School with outstanding indoor climate, nominated to “Building of the Year 2019”

Skapaskolan opened up the doors to its new- built school premises in Rosenhill in central Huddinge in January 2019. The minds behind the project, are small business owners who are passionate about volume elements, customer demands, passive houses and children’s educational environment.

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Through a close collaboration with Friendly Building, which has been going on for a long period, InventiAir got the chance to deliver the sister products TubusCeiling and TubusWall. The school is built according to passive house standards and has a special design. There are no traditional classrooms, instead you have “learning studios” with graduates. With InventiAir’s solution, ventilation is focused where it is needed most, ie in the occupied zone.

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Products: TubusCeiling & TubusWall
Units: 80 pc
Property owner: Friendly Building
Installed year: 2018
Type of premises: School

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